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Our experience with the Web can help your organization benefit immediately from this technology and aid in positioning you for long term growth. We make it our business to help you effectively promote your products and services to a world wide community or simply a local market. 

GlobalTek America can create your site for you by incorporating elements of your existing promotional materials to enhance your current marketing campaign. Or we can custom build your web site from start to finish, including complete art and design, scanning and color correction of product photos with custom backgrounds, icons and clickable buttons billed at an hourly rate of $120.00 USD or we can provide a fixed price quotation.  If your business has an existing Web site that is just not getting the attention you had hoped for, we can add design elements that will bring it to life and make it sparkle and technical aspects to make it practical. 

Forms make it easier to conduct surveys, build mailing lists, auto generate requested information get If your company doesn't have the in house expertise to support and update your web pages after your Web site launch, GlobalTek America can do this for you at a low monthly maintenance fee or hourly rate. It is your choice! Your entry onto the Information Super Highway has never been easier, nor more affordable or hassle free. What are you waiting for? Please join us now. 
Graphic Design especially made for the Web
Custom Web graphics optimized for quick Web page loading.  
Graphic title bars that can be used throughout a Web site for consistent corporate branding.  
Custom illustrative clickable navigation icons.  Clickable button bars for consistent Web site navigation.  
Banner ads that are quick loading and attract attention.  
Custom concept design.  Design of original art, images and corporate logos. 
We can do it, you can help!
GlobalTek America Domain name registration services:  Are $17.88 for .com's for a 1 year registration and Free for a 1 year renewal. Simply host your domain name with GlobalTek America for the year un-interupted and GlobalTek America will provide you with domain name renewals with our certified ICAAN Registrar, for Free and we will also host your domain name on our screaming fast servers for as low as $8.88 per month.  Any additional web sites hosted, with GlobalTek America will be billed at only $8.88 per month.  Never worry about the status of your web name again. We will keep it up to date!
Our friendly staff is ready to serve your needs. Call now. We will personally help you get the web name you want and
help you get started with your new site.
1000 MB disk space
10 Gigs of Bandwidth
Rapid SSL
Do you need SSL hosting?
Get SSL encryption for your site, that is fully compatible with the leading browsers $588.88 yearly includes ssl certificate.
ONLY $34.88 per month.

Cloud hosting

We have designed our cloud hosting to have no single fault layer and to offer our customers an affordable shared hosting solution with enterprise class reliability.

Make your check or money order payable to GlobalTek.  or use your credit card
of your site is facilitated by keyword text links at the bottom of each page or elsewhere. Surfers need to find their way around your Web site easily. A well designed site will lead even the first time visitor easily through what you have to offer. Navigational links can be compared to a table of contents.  Once your site has been uploaded to the internet, anyone who is connected to this ever changing vast network of computers and servers can view it.
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